Comunidad PUCP

PUCP: A Passion for culture

Our University is sponsor of the International Book Fair of Lima and organizer of Lima Film Festival PUCP, two of the most important cultural events in Peru. Thousands of Peruvian will have the opportunity to develop their #PasiónPorLeer (#PassionForReading) and #PasiónPorElCine (#PassionForFilms) for almost one month, being in contact with top-level literary work authors and filmmakers.

Exploring the literature and film worlds make us grow as people. Going along the streets of Lima recalled by Zavalita or the Huancayo trails where Ines Melchor trains take us into a world that is not only entertaining but also enables us to know much more about us and our society.

In the next two weeks, two traditions will work together to strengthen the cultural scene in our country: the 24th International Book Fair of Lima (FIL) sponsored by our university and the 23rd Lima Film Festival PUCP (FCL) which we have been organizing for more than two decades. They are both international representatives, not only because of the large public attendance but also because it gathers the most important authors and directors of our region.

Being part of these events is restating our commitment to promote #PasiónPorLeer and #PasiónPorElCine shared by thousands of Peruvians who will attend both of them from July 19th to August 17th.

Publishing World

From July 19th to August 4th, FIL 2019 will offer over 900 cultural activities for more than 500 thousand expected visitors. In this opportunity, PUCP will award Mon Yan, writer who received the Nobel Prize of Literature in 2012, the “Doctor Honoris Causa”; Gonzalo Portocarrero will be honored; and a discussion group led by writers Héctor Abad and Leonardo Padura will take place. Additionally, our Publishing Office and the Riva Agüero Institute will publish fourteen books.

FIL will have Mario Vargas Llosa as guest of honor. PUCP Cultural Center (CCPUCP) and the Peruvian Book Chamber will offer an exhibit about the life of Mario Vargas Llosa,  entitled “Mario Vargas Llosa, la libertad y la vida” aimed to get a deeper knowledge of our distinguished Nobel Prize winner.

Join the Festival

As part of or cultural activity, CCPUCP organizes the 23rd Lima Film Festival PUCP from August 9th to 17th. It will offer thousands of Peruvians the opportunity to enjoy their Latin American film passion #PasiónPorElCine, in both fiction films and documentaries. This acclaimed event has welcomed about 2,000 international guests from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The 23rd FCL PUCP is composed of over 300 films that will be shown in about 60 venues in the country; films participating in the Fiction Competition and the Documentary Competition are the ones which stand out, as well as films directed by prestigious Latin American directors. This year, the Chasqui Group will be honored. Moreover, the itinerant exhibition will project more than 200 audiovisual productions in 14 regions of Peru.