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The university suspends its activities until Monday, March 30th

The university suspends its activities until Monday, March 30th

Dear members of the university community:

Today, President Martín Vizcarra declared a national State of Emergency for a period of 15 days to control the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in the country. This contemplates, as the main measure, the obligatory social isolation of our population.

Last week we made the difficult decision to postpone the start of the academic semester, in accordance with the measures promoted by the Executive branch. Today, we see ourselves in the responsibility and the obligation to expand this preventive measure. For this reason, from this Monday 16th all face-to-face activities of our university and its units, such as Centrum, Idiomas Católica and the Cultural Center, among others, will be suspended for a period of 15 days. The university will resume its activities on Tuesday, March 31st.

As an organization, we will maintain telework teams that will allow the operation and management of our key processes while evaluating new measures, both academic and administrative, in the face of this extraordinary situation.

The university will remain attentive to the new indications of the government to contribute, in solidarity, to the fight against this pandemic. We will communicate all the measures through PUCP’s official channels. Calm, prevention, and good information are essential.

To our students: we assure you that we are taking the necessary measures, so that, as far as possible, the semester 2020-I is not affected. Alternatives such as rescheduling the academic calendar, digitization of content and virtualization of courses are part of the actions that are currently being implemented and that we will communicate in due course. In this sense, we ask for your patience and collaboration as we work, together with our professors, to best serve the educational service in this emergency situation.

COVID-19 has placed us in an exceptional and unpredictable context that tests our institutional strength and that of the country, as well as our character as a responsible and environmentally conscious community. My first invocation is, therefore, solidarity. Each of us can help mitigate the spread of shared in recent weeks.

The characteristics of the pandemic make each person responsible for his or her health but also for the health of others. What we do has an effect on other people; today, more than ever, we must think of others. Being aware and acting in accordance is an essential step. We should stay home.

Let’s trust our community. The Rectorate, the deans, the department heads and the directors of academic and administrative units are working in coordination. Getting ahead today depends on what the entire PUCP is capable of doing and on its commitment to others and to Peru. In that we believe; those are our values. It’s our turn to demonstrate it with conviction and generous solidarity. It is not a difficult task. It only requires will and faith.

Stay at home. Let’s be supportive. Let’s do it together!

Carlos Garatea Grau

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