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Millions of online resources and free access to “The essentials of law”

With a single click, the catalog of our library system now searches the database and PUCP repository resources, many of them with open access. Likewise, the valuable collection The essentials of law is now available in the PUCP repository for free download.

Autor: Oscar García Meza
Millions of online resources and free access to “The essentials of law”

In order to provide more and better results for the PUCP community and society in general, the catalog of our library system has incorporated the resources of the databases – both subscribed and open access – and the PUCP institutional repository. We now have millions of resources integrated on a single platform.

We have open access databases, which can be consulted by all the public.

“Likewise, they were categorized according to their origin so that the user is aware of the origin of the source,” says M.S. Raúl Sifuentes, manager of the Technology and Innovation Management Unit (GTI) of PUCP’s Library System and leader of this initiative. In this sense, if one now performs a search through the catalog, the tabs of PUCP libraries, databases, Open access databases, PUCP’s and Consortium of Universities’ repositories will appear.


Catalog of novelties

At a time when we cannot go to check out physical books at campus libraries, databases are especially relevant. On the one hand, we have those to which we are subscribed, and they are exclusive for our students, teachers and thesis students.

We also have open access databases, which can be consulted by the entire public. “It is a contribution from the university to the PUCP community itself, especially graduates and those who did not enroll, since they can access information from reliable and quality sources without restrictions. In addition, anyone who requires information of this nature also benefits, such as students from other institutions inside and outside of Peru,” says Sifuentes. This includes records from DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), eLIS, arXiv, and DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books), Cambridge Collections, Elsevier, IEEE, Nature, PubMed, Springer, World Bank, and many more.

The search by catalog allows to retrieve information from the libraries of the educational institutions that make up the Consortium of Universities.

PUCP’s repository tab, which is also freely accessible to all, houses resources from PUCP’s Journal Portal and PUCP’s Thesis Portal. The complete material of this source will soon be added, which, Sifuentes comments, has generated great interest in the current context. For example, in the March-April period of this year, the Editorial Fund Collection, found in the PUCP’s institutional repository, has had 70,537 downloads.

Also, the search by catalog allows to retrieve information from the libraries of the educational institutions that make up the Consortium of Universities: Cayetano Heredia University, University of Lima, Pacific’s University -without having to go to each one. Regularly, our students can request these materials in person, although due to the situation this modality is suspended.

“The idea is to integrate all the resources to which we have access as a university,” emphasizes Sifuentes. He led the GTI team that carried out this initiative, which was made up of Ismael Canales, Innovation coordinator; Luis Maguiña, Technology coordinator; Jazmín Huaraz, librarian; Gustavo Ponce, assistant to Innovation; Carlos Aycho, automation technician; and Alan Gastelo, programmer analyst.

A collection within everyone’s reach

From the beginning, “The essentials of law” collection had a social purpose. “It was born with the vocation to serve the national legal community. It is a clear expression of the intention of reaching all the students and professors of Peru with short texts that cover fundamental subjects of legal science”, emphasizes the dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr. Alfredo Villavicencio. So far, it has the scope of 46 titles published in our Editorial Fund and more than 40,000 copies sold.

Due to the current situation, the Office of the Research Vice Rectorship, the Faculty of Law, PUCP’s Editorial Fund and our Library system coordinated and worked together to make the complete collection of “The essentials of law” available to the general public, free of charge, in the PUCP’s institutional repository. “The circumstances we are going through demand this level of commitment and I believe that the effort will multiply the readership,” says Dr. Villavicencio.

Social function

In this way, the collection has moved beyond physical format and cost in order to fulfill, today more than ever, the social function for which it was created at the initiative of professor Dr. Baldo Kresalja, who presides the editorial team of the collection, and has the institutional backing of the Faculty of Law.

The circumstances we are going through demand this level of commitment and I consider that the effort will multiply the readership.

Dr. Alfredo Villavicencio

Dean of the Faculty of Law

With this generous action, our Law School demonstrates its commitment and support to remote teaching. “We trust that the service we provide will boost the university legal community to improve law education and to have professionals with more solid training. Therefore, it is a contribution in order to improve the justice system substantially,” says Villavicencio.

Find all 46 titles in this collection here.

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